Atlas Engineering (Atlas) specializes in multidisciplinary bioengineering and electronics research, design and advanced technology development. The private incubator, founded by Dan Atlas in 1977 and formerly known for over 3 decades as Atlas Researches, is recognized as a leading pioneer in delivering proprietary, cutting-edge technology solutions to broad fields of use: medicine, home healthcare, personal performance, biometrics, rehabilitation, stress management, automotive safety and homeland security. Our key business purpose:

  • to implement effective state-of-the-art solutions for realizing innovative and complex concepts, including eccentric ideas.
  • to fulfill our customers’ specialized requirements and enable success by providing differentiation, distinctive added value, reduced development risks and high performance, especially where off-the-shelf solutions are not available.

We pioneer, invent, design, develop, customize, prototype, produce and license specialized, cutting-edge biomedical instrumentation and product solutions serving clients around the world, including Fortune 500 OEMs, defense and homeland security agencies, armed forces, entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, strategic and consortium partners, spin-offs, licensees, universities, hospitals, clinicians and therapists.

We combine our proven expertise, creative design excellence and quality technologies to empower safe, reliable, intelligent, high-performance, monitoring and recording diversified human physiological, psychophysiological and behavioral signals, including EEG, EOG, EMG, ECG, Respiration and GSR. From head to toe. With physical or remote contact. Wired or wireless. Overt or covert. Stand-alone or embedded.

4th Decade Atlas offers its satisfied global customers a wealth of comprehensive, world-class technical innovations, effective capabilities and cost-effective services: multidisciplinary know-how, innovative reference designs, patented and patent pending IP, high-end semi-custom building-block platforms including FDA and safety approved, rapid prototyping, projects management and operation under ISO 9001:2000.


Dan Atlas
CEO, Atlas Engineering
CTO, LifeCare Solutions & Integrated Vigilance Solutions.
POBox 271 Hod Hasharon 45102, Israel
Phones: + 972-9-748-1724
Mobile: + 972-50-779-5686

ATLAS Engineering
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